Permanent Makeup

Permanent Make-Up FAQs - Golden Glow Aesthetics, Alton

We understand it can be a little daunting deciding whether to go ahead with an aesthetics treatment such as permanent make-up which is why we have put together these Frequently Asked Questions.  We hope this helps you in making your decision, but the best plan is to book in for a consultation so we can answer your questions, assess your suitability for treatment and explain the whole process.

People who benefit from permanent make-up include:

  • those who fear they are going to lose their eyebrows once they undergo chemotherapy (this treatment is suitable for people only before their cancer treatment begins);
  • individuals with underactive thyroids who are experiencing a thinning of their eyebrows;
  • people whose lips or brows are asymmetric or thin;
  • those with visual impairments or watery eyes;
  • older women whose lips have lost colour and definition and whose eyes and brows require definition,
  • people who are sensitive to make-up.

At Golden Glow Beauty Clinic in Alton, we will never go ahead with a treatment if we feel you will not get the results you desire.  Many factors can affect whether you are suitable for treatment and we explore some of these in our FAQs below.  

If you are interested in permanent make-up or any other aesthetics treatment at Golden Glow Clinic in Alton booksy booking